Frequently Asked Question’s


Barbados Shops online provides a platform to allow established businesses to easily migrate to online services. We deal with the difficult issues logistics and online payments on your behalf
Stores rent retail space online for as little as $0.00.  Purchases made online are collected from the stores and delivered the next day. The customer pays us and we pay the retail store on the customers behalf.
We provide an avenue for stores to be eCommerce ready in as little as 10 minutes. Additionally, we also provide additional advertising due to customers visiting the store regularly
We charge commission fees to registered shops to assist in covering the cost of accepting charges online on their behalf. These fees help cover bank charges, credit card fees etc.

You are called once an order is confirmed and will have your items delivered by the next day.

Stores are paid weekly by Cheque.


Customers pay by either cash on delivery or via credit card online.
Yes we currently use stripe with is a leading payment processor for secure credit card purchases
You can contact us at if you have any questions you feel haven't been answered here.
All prices and payments on the site are done in Barbados Dollars
Prices quoted are all vat inclusive.