Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Who is Barbados Shops Online

Barbados Shops online provides a platform to allow established businesses to easily migrate to online services. We deal with the difficult issues logistics and online payments on your behalf

How does it work?

Stores rent retail space online for as little as $10.00.  Purchases made online are collected from the stores and delivered the next day. The customer pays us and we pay the retail store on the customers behalf.

How can my store benefit from the virtual mall?

We provide an avenue for stores to be eCommerce ready in as little as 10 minutes. Additionally, we also provide additional advertising.

Are there commission fees?

We only charge commission fees on credit card purchases. We collect all delivery fees and handle the delivery for you.

When are items delivered?

You are called once an order is confirmed and will have your items delivered by the next day.

As a store owner how am I paid?

You can request a withdrawal from the owners website with a minimum $100 withdrawal. Funds are paid via wire transfer directly to your account and usually arrive next day.


How do customers pay for the order?

Customers pay by either cash on delivery or via credit card online.

Is payment secure

All credit card payments are done securely using https encryption and with WiPay secure credit card processing facilities

What currency is payment in?

All prices listed and charges are done in Barbados Dollars.

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